Rob Gorden

Height: 6'1

Weight: 220 lbs

Eyes/Hair: Brown




Mania Days      Nurse Edward   Paul Dalio - 40 Acres and a Mule (With Katie Holmes)
The Arcadian   Erik                       Dekker Dreyer - Fringe Majority Productions

Devil Girls         Criswell               Andre Perkowski - Terminal Pictures 

Drainiac            Wade                   Brett Piper - Shock-O-Rama Productions

Television/Multi Media

Geek Ray Vision  Spike TV   Mac Foster Producer
Tech News           AT & T      Bob Males Producer

Training & Workshops

Royal Pains                     Dr. Rikestyne                  Emille Levisetti - USA Networks 
The Big C                        Host                                  Alan Poul - Sony Pictures

Monsters Inside Me     Doctor                              Animal Planet - Optomen Prod.

Key of Awesome           Fat Terminator               Mark Douglas – Barely Digital Prod.

Onion News Network   McCain Spokesman      Will Graham - The Onion

Sci Fi Scanner                Kevin's "Boss"                 Kevin Maher - AMC



Salem State College B.F.A. Acting

Shakespeare and Co. - Winter Intensive

UCB Theatre - Betsy Stover, Seth Morris, Sean Conroy,

Paul Scheer


Apt. 3                                     Blind Man           Johanna Greer - Tada! Youth Theatre

Mocha                                   Ted                       Noel Neeb – Roan Productions (Reading)
Medea                                  Chorus #1           
Noel Neeb – Roan Productions (Reading)
Merry Wives of Windsor   Shallow/Rugby   Steve Fecteau - Brass Tacks Productions
Cold Blood                            Joey                      Kate Cox - This Woman's Work Co.

Dialects: English, Cockney, American Southern, Irish, Chicagoan, Minnasotean, Boston, Maine

Teleprompter Experience


Stand Up Comedy


Basic Guitar and Mandolin

Elvis and Blues Brother Impersonator